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Did you know that a ring around the moon isn't called moondog? It's called moon ring or moon halo. And a moondog, well, they look like extra bright spots next to the moon, are also known as paraselene. This is something I found out not so long ago. But when I saw the ring around the moon so many years ago for the first (and only) time, I could only find it on the internet as moondog.

My sweet sweet uncle Coen was very sick. His final time had come, and as we were watching over him for days, one night he was finally able to pass away. I had never experienced someone passing away this close to me. He was such a good man, sweet and smart. And man, if anyone needed anything fixed, he could do it. Especially bicycles. If you didn't own one, he would provide you with one. And boy, you could count on it that that bike was fiiine! (kissing the tips of two fingers like an Italian chef)

I have always wondered what happens after you die. I have some ideas about it, but still...

So, back to that night, it was time to go home. And standing in the backyard, I looked up and right above the house/garden, there was this  clear clear sky, with a perfectly bright moon, shining down on us. And when I searched around the moon for stars, way further than the moon I saw this white line and followed it and what I saw, was that it was a huge, and I mean HUGE! circle around the moon. That was so incredible and mesmerizing and in a way, it gave me a feeling like knowing, it had to be okay now, with my uncle. What a special night, at peace because he didn't have to suffer anymore and at ease, because I thought he was somehow blessed.

At home, I looked the ring up on the internet and all I could find was moondog, so this ol' brain of mine just stored it like that. It's supposed to be called moon ring or moon halo, but I like moondog better. Here in the picture (which is not mine) you can see how small the moon looks within that huge ring. It was exactly like that.



I am Nancy, married to Tim and mother of two daughters and one 'holiday' son. We live in Haaksbergen, The Netherlands.

After my goldsmith education in Schoonhoven, I went to finish studying fine arts in Enschede, from which I graduated in 2011. I have worked as a goldsmith for several years. But recently I found that making jewelry wasn't doing it for me anymore. I even quit wearing it!  Ceramics was always something I liked to do, back in artschool I experimented with clay and made portraits. I wanted to experiment with clay again and almost 1,5 years later, here we are!

Now I make pots! And it's still a surprise every time my kiln finished pouring its special sauce over the pots and glazes. I'm learning so much every day and working with clay really really makes me happy.

Every aspect in this shop is done by me in my studio in Haaksbergen, the designing and making of pots, glazing, firing, photographing, socialmediaing and the packing and the shipping.

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